Borough of North Arlington

Senior Information

Senior Clubs

North Arlington Senior Clubs are social clubs. Different clubs meet each day, and each club runs independently. All Clubs can be reached on their meeting day at 991-9519. Please contact each club regarding membership and/or information.

Club Meeting Day President
Happy Seniors Mondays Jennie Lapinski
Senior Citizen Club Tuesday Raymond Branch
Senior Harmony Wednesday Eleanor Arnold
Interfaith Thursday Millie Guzzo
Arts & Crafts Friday Mabel Reese

Trips to Shop-Rite in Lyndhurst

Senior Bus will take shoppers to the Lyndhurst Shop-Rite on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays The Bus leaves Borough Hall parking lot at 2:00 pm and Shop-Rite promptly at 3:45 p.m.

Information and Phone Numbers

  • Division of Senior Service in Bergen County: 201-646-2625
  • Nutrition located at St Paul’s Church: 201-998-5636
  • Meals on Wheels: 201-646-2625

Senior Care Center

Bergen County Department of Health Services

The county health department s Senior Care Center, located in Paramus, provides a safe environment for clients age 55 and older who need structured daytime activities.
The center provides social day care under the guidance of specially trained personnel. Clients form new friendships and socialize with peers while participating in stimulating and creative activities.

Clients are frail, have early stage Alzheimer¼s disease and other dementias, visual and/or hearing impairment and Parkinson¼s disease.

Low fees are maintained to provide optimum access to all county residents.

Caregiver and family programs include a daytime support group, educational services, a library resource center, referral and placement guidance, and client advocacy. For further information about the Senior Care Center, call (201) 634-2820.

Borough of North Arlington Senior Bus Schedule

Senior Bus Information: 991-5519

Bus will alternate between routes A and B throughout the day. No service will be provided on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Please leave your suggestions in writing with the operator.

For your information, the bus will go to Jacks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 2:00PM. On return from Jacks the bus will continue on Schuyler Avenue and complete Route B as above.

Bus will go to Shop Rite in Lyndhurst every Tuesday. Bus will leave borough at 2:00PM. Shoppers must sign up on bus.

Route A – West Side

From Borough Hall, 9:45, 10:45, 1:30

  • South on Ridge Road
  • Right on Garden Terrace
  • Right on Belleville Turnpike
  • Right on River Road
  • Right on Hedden Terrace, 10:05, 10:50, 1:40
  • Left on Prospect Avenue
  • Right on Sunset Avenue
  • Left on York Road
  • Right on Arlington Blvd
  • Left on Ridge Road, 10:10, 10:55, 1:50
  • Left on Albert Street
  • Right on Gold Street
  • Left on Ridge Park Drive
  • Left on Sixth Street
  • Right on Birchwood Drive
  • Left on Riverview Avenue
  • Left on Biltmore
  • Right on High Street
  • Right on Arlington Blvd., 10:15, 11:00, 1:50
  • Right on Riverview Avenue
  • Right on Stover Avenue
  • Left on High Street
  • Left on Biltmore Street
  • Right on Riverview Avenue
  • Left on Locust Avenue
  • Right on River Road, 10:20, 11:05, 1:55
  • Right on Bogle Avenue
  • Left on Sixth Street
  • Right on Jauncey Avenue
  • Right on Ridge Road

Return to Borough Hal, 10:25, 11:15, 2:00

Route B – East Side

From Borough Hal, 10:30, 11:20, 2:00

  • North on Ridge Road
  • Right on Fourth Street
  • Left on Union Avenue
  • Left on Ridge Road, 10:35, 11:25, 2:05
  • Left on Noel Drive
  • Left on Second Street
  • Right on Canterbury Avenue
  • Right on Schuyler Avenue
  • To Jacks Shopping Center, 10:40, 11:30, 2:15
  • Right on Belleville Turnpike
  • Right on Elm Street
  • Left on Park Avenue
  • Left on Park Avenue
  • Left on Argyle Place
  • Right on Belleville Turnpike
  • Right on Ridge Road

Return to Borough Hall, 10:45, 11:35, 2:20